YOU are Significant!

Posted by Margi on Nov 30, 2009


One of the most extraordinary, fascinating and wonderful things that is happening in the Universe today is that we are moving away from an outdated belief system. Where we used to believe that things happen to us, we are now accepting and changing over to the belief that we make things happen through us!

Yes, the time has come. This is what this entire feminine universal shift is all about. We are waking up and recognizing that we are the creators of our world, our universe, and of ourselves. We are aware now that what we feel and think directly effects everything around us: EVERYTHING. To what magnitude? Well that is up to you. The profound sense of awakening is that we are invaluable. Yes, little old us. As we begin to move into ourselves we wake to recognizing that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We have the power. Think about it. We have been looking and searching for thousands of years, yet here we are right here and right now. We’ve been here all along, and so has Spirit. Breathe…

What has been going on outside of our physical realm, throughout the energies around the world, is that we are beginning to recognize and view that our energies are what move the world.

I’d like to keep this message easy and light. Open your thoughts, and allow me to switch to the energies occurring around us for a moment.

We’ve all been hearing about what’s going down with our country. Right here, right now. I would like to share a perspective that my guides have given me because my very own energies were being pulled down with a myriad of dire situations. And though I truly felt a shift with our new president, I was still  frustrated with what is going on in our country. So I turned to my guides and began to have some chats. I asked them why all of this turmoil is happening.

My guides revealed to me that this situation has been unconsciously created by us to teach us that WE are the answers: not the government, not the corporations, and not who is running the country. WE have the choice to take personal action apart from what we see outside of us. This is the essential nugget of energy that was subliminally being conveyed to us during last year’s election—no matter who you voted for. And this nugget is HOPE.

This is what I have personally gained through this experience. And hope is what we need to remember. As long as you hold Hope in your heart, all peace can and will prevail. This applies to everything. We need to remind ourselves how significant each and every one of us is individually. This is not about the world changing us. It is about us recognizing and seeing that WE are the ones to lead the way. WE are the ones who can shift any and all prevalent negative energies. We are the ones to bring the light and keep it bright. We are much more significant than we give ourselves credit for. After all, if we didn’t exist, nothing would! So begin with YOU. Take a look inside. What do you see? What do you want? Ask and it shall be given, yet be open to explore the means in which your answer comes.

This is a wonderful time to be alive. This is the most exciting time on Earth. This is the most special era for us to experience enlightening growth and progress. Remember YOU are the light. You may be but a speck on Earth, but YOU have the power to change the world.

The video below mentions that the beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it, but the way those atoms are put together. The feminine era has arrived and it’s time to soften the energies during what seems like the heaviest and most difficult time on earth. Pull together your energies and start to send love, peace and light to the world, no matter how dire things may seem for some of us. The cosmos are also within us because we are all connected. Nothing is separate. Again, it all begins with you! We are a way the cosmos can know itself. That’s right. The universe cannot know itself without us first knowing ourselves. It all starts with us. So begin by finding something special within you and working with it. It could be as simple as making a conscious effort to quiet yourself periodically throughout the day. Or making an effort to lessen judgment. Or lovingly smiling at someone that may be having a bad day. Or simply just seeing things from a different perspective and having fun with it. Yes, it’s okay to have fun. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Thank you for coming to raise our vibrations. It’s a delight to have you with us. Keep it simple…keep it light!

YOU are Magnificent!