Do you answer any personal questions relating to one’s issues?
No. I stick to the question’s and comment’s relating to this site. I don’t mind talking or sharing information regarding the blog. I appreciate comments about the topic at hand. It’s always exciting to see what people think and feel about life! Please share. If you would like a personal session please contact me.

Do you take emails or phone calls regarding setting up an appointment for a session?
Yes. Either way is fine. Please check my contact page for information.

Do you believe there are any right or wrong answers in life?
No. I grew up in the Catholic faith however I never felt comfortable with the concept of hell. I couldn’t see it as being a bad thing because I didn’t believe it existed. Therefore all experiences in life are part of the journey. There cannot be anything that couldn’t fit the picture in this life – All is well. I feel that there is only love; fear is an illusion. Therefore everything is the part of the natural nature of life!

What is the spiritual definition of Illusion/Reality?
Illusion: comes in, makes it’s impact, dissolves and dissipates.
Reality: always has been, always will be.

Do you mind negative comments?
I don’t mind comments in general for in dept conversation however I would prefer to stay as neutral or positive as possible. I believe energy is real and what you send out impacts the energy field. I, and the world have enough negative energy swirling around this plane…let’s keep it light!

How do you know what you’re channeling is correct?
There are no right or wrong answers. I just trust the information I need to be in the highest and finest vibrations of love. What allows a person to feel in truth is love. Anything else is fear. Higher frequencies vibrate in love, lower in fear. I believe each individuals’ experience is real for their own journey in life, and I respect that. I don’t have to like some things in life but I have found that what makes sense to me and brings me peace today is what count’s. THAT is what I trust!