Intuitive Consultations/Readings *

½ hr. at $65
1 to 1.5 hr. at $105

Phone consultation available

Please call for an appointment
(recorded for your convenience)

* Please review the session guidelines before your appointment.
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Email/Automatic writing consultation $35
(1-2 questions)
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Automatic writing

Cancellations: Please reschedule or cancel your appointment within 24hrs.

Also available:

Distance Energy Healing

Distance healing is an advanced form of energy healing, tapping into one’s holographic matrix – vibrating field of energy.

Energy is not limited to time, space or distance thereby allowing its effectiveness as much accuracy as one would be in person.

A Distance Healing session is at a prearranged time for both the sender and receiver. This allows for full efficacy; the connection of our highest vibrations of frequency.

30 min. $65
*1 hr. $105

*This may include a mini reading as guides may bring forth pertinent messages/information

Please provide: name (location is optional).
If this is for someone other than yourself:
Once sub-conscious permission is given I will proceed, otherwise by universal law I cannot intrude on any entities and their decision.

This is a great session if one is having difficulty connecting to an individual consciously i.e.: a person in a coma, Alzheimer’s, or any situation in which one is incapacitated.
~People may or may not have sensations when this healing is occurring, depending on the person’s sensitivity.
~Upon completion of your healing session please make note and journal your experiences/sensations so that we may discuss them.


Intuitive Consultations/Readings

By using intuitive guidance of love and compassion, Margi connects with you in a profound sense of understanding. Helping you overcome blockages in your life, allowing you to shift your energies unto a new path of spiritual awakening. Spiritual therapy works to easily and effortlessly tap into the core issues at hand. To touch directly upon them, bring them to the surface and heal them so that you can move on with life in balance and harmony, feeling whole and peaceful.

The session involves working with higher vibrational frequencies of energy. Intuitively assisting you to identify changes you want to make in your life. Margi works with these intuitive abilities to facilitate the release of personal conflicts/issues by helping you in healing and aligning your true essence as a spiritual being. Her connection with you radiates beyond through universal forces to help you understand and overcome these issues overrunning your body, mind and soul. In recognizing so, gently shifts your energy to see the light in front of you, allowing you to move forward with love.

Healing and Guidance on:
Life Issues
Spiritual Growth
Inner Peace

Grief Loss Therapy

Depending on the amount of healing one individual needs we may choose to tap into the healing work from the loss of a deceased loved one. We will work with validations of love and comfort and the knowledge that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Life does go on….

The therapy allows the heavy release from grief, the power to let go and the strength to live again…
Spiritual therapy works to shift the individuals’ awareness from human tendencies to spiritual awakening, allowing one to feel true empowerment. To know you can live life with peace and inner abundance!

Session Info & Guidelines

Be open: (especially if it’s your first session) It is best to be as open as possible. This allows the energy to connect directly to the source and allows the messages being conveyed to be as accurate as possible.
Like the saying goes: The Universe can only work for you if you allow it to work through you.

Expect the un-expected: the less you expect, the better your session. Not having expectations also allows you to really hear what the messages are saying.

Have 3-5 questions at hand: Some or all of the questions may be answered within the first part of the session. If there are any unanswered we will open for the questions afterward. You might also find that many of the unanswered questions will fall into place whether or not they get answered!

I HEAR/FEEL messages: I am a clairaudient/clairsentient (I hear & feel). When I receive information I combine hearing and feeling the messages/energies. This is how I understand what you’re experiencing and what you are going through or what the other side wants you to know to help and guide you.

First Messages: The most important information/messages will be relayed in the first part of your session. Then we will open for unanswered questions.

A session is like a puzzle: it will all come together in the end. It’s amazing! Quite pleasantly surprising! There may be a few things that might not make sense today (even though it will feel familiar and you will understand) however, hindsight is 20/20 and you will see the results down the road!

Hold it back: The less I know before the session, the more accurate and clear the information/messages will be (this allows the EGO to keep from guessing and confusing the information/messages coming through).

Messenger/interpreter: I not only become your messenger but your interpreter (consultant). I have been given permission to experience your life (or your deceased loved one’s) during the session, however I am NOT you and will need your confirmation /validation from time to time, thus allowing the session to flow.

The session is about you and for you: please don’t worry about my authenticity, it will hinder the session and keep you from being as open as possible. If in turn you find you are not satisfied with the validity you may end the session within the first 10 minutes and no charge will be given. However, I believe you will find the session pleasantly surprising! I am still amazed at how it works after all these years!

Last but not least:

“They”: When I mention “they”, I will be referring to our group of guidance: Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters, the Universe, higher self (the Einstein connection), GOD (you get the drift). All the entities desiring the highest finest vibrations and light for you and to help guide you on your enlightened path!


1. When I ask questions please say either: “yes, no or I don’t know”-don’t feed me.

2. During a session I will be able to connect and experience your energies (this is what allows me to know you so well) however I am not you and I will need to clarify if you understand the information/messages they are relaying. I will ask, “Does this make sense or do you understand?” and then I will move on to the next message.

Enjoy your reading!

Automatic writing

Automatic writing is a form of channeling. Allowing information to be channeled through the hands or in thought form (inspirational writing) from my own higher self. As the same with regular session I ask your guides to come through and bring forth any information that you are in need of at this time (you may have sent me 2-3 questions at hand). I access all the knowledge and wisdom of your hearts desire. The ideas come to surface, then viewed in written form.

The technique requires that I surrender the mind into a quieter reahlm, I then gently relax and move slowly from consciousness to an altered state of awareness, a trance state. During this relaxed state, the impressions that form in thoughts or the automatic movement that occurs in the hand is generated, and information comes to fruition. All knowledge pours out onto the paper, writing until the final resolution of the questions are answered.

I reply via email. If needed I will contact you to confirm answers understood.


I always stay focused with clear intention on serving you the client to the best of my abilities. My readings are for enjoyment, validations of feelings and intuitive hunches, and new information. Accessing Universal energies, I tap into higher potentialities and send them to you with love for healing. The rest is up to you; the choice is yours to make the changes desired in your life. True healing comes from within.