Nature of Change

Posted by Margi on Oct 31, 2009

 nature of change

Change and experience are the reason for being, as they are the most natural states of the human experience. Nature is natural, therefore, changes in our lives are simply that: NATURAL. But what happens when we come across natural changes that feel heavy, difficult, or challenging? Do we fight? Argue? Shout? Pull our hair out? (Well sure, that’s natural too!)

 Remember, our frustrations in life are not really about the fact that change is occurring. After all, change is inevitable. What we can do, however, is create a much more natural way of handling change, living with shifts, and allowing the process to undergo a more peaceful, calming, enlightening, and empowering state of existence while experiencing life.

 Are we really meant to suffer, to live in pain, to be angry, depressed, or frustrated? Not unless that’s what we choose. Accepting and allowing the journey of life will usher in a lighter sense of our life experiences, despite the changes involved. Life is about movement, motion, and consistency—and that consistency is change!

 Change is inevitable – it is a guarantee for existing. You are energy, and energy is constant and ever shifting. The times have accelerated, and our energies are shifting more quickly and rapidly due to our collective vibrations moving into higher frequencies. The closer we come to reaching the point of knowing who we are, in our awakening experience, we can let go of that familiar gnawing previous question of Who am I, which allows us to relax in our experience of: Who I AM.

 We are now recognizing ourselves unlike we’ve ever known, and it’s enlightening. Our energies are coming together and creating a much lighter life. We are feeling the light shining through us, from us, of us. We are seeing, feeling, and knowing this light to be truly real. This is Reality! Welcome yourselves, for you have arrived!

 Instead of letting the illusion of fear, angst, and darkness overrun your life by creating the unrelenting energy of chaos, it’s time to allow the natural process of Light, Love, and Joy to move through you naturally. Give this Light permission to float you along in the changing currents of life.

 Some days the currents will be high and powerful, and other days, calm and peaceful. Either way, when your inner compass points in the direction it chooses from its own nature—or natural state—change will be recognized as an experience in motion, which again, is a very natural state of nature.

 You’ll find change, or changes, in life are nothing more than love in motion, which is a gift from GOD, the Universe, and You! Gently step out of your own way when it comes to accepting God’s gifts, and fully open your arms to embrace what is rightfully yours. Resisting equals death. Fighting against change opens the door for fear to take hold, which inevitably creates all of that uncomfortable chaos.

 Again, change is natural, so remember to consider, and to understand, all of your experiences—positive and negative—as a natural part of life. Until we fully grasp the concept that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, we will continue to experience un-ease, which is disease, or DIS – EASE.

 Give yourself the gift of choosing lightness instead by acknowledging and repeating this affirmation: I am Spirit, and I have the courage and power to accept life and its natural “Nature of Change,” which is simply the all-encompassing process of God’s love in motion.

 Love is all there is…be kind to yourself.


Hello Earth Angels and Welcome!

Posted by Margi on Oct 13, 2009

I am so excited and grateful to my guides for leading me to this new concept. I am laughing as they create a greater work load for me (however this doesn’t feel like work because I love what I do). With my guides leading me, I am thankful. So here we go…

let there be light

This new project really feels like a birth for me, and I am ecstatic. After years of fighting to bring joy back into my life, it is finally coming to the surface, and I am experiencing it once again. I am inspired to share with you the thoughts, ideas, and inspirations of my guides and what I have learned from them.

The main reason my guides and I have decided to write these upcoming posts is to inform you and give you the knowledge needed to find your own peace. We aim to help make sense of why things happen in our lives and what it all means. We’ll help you understand how to handle the things that happen, as well as how to incorporate them into your life. I will be focusing as much as possible on the NOW, including whatever it is that the guides feel you need to help relieve any heaviness in your heart. We will focus more on your individuality than on the world, as your individuality is simply a reflection of the world. It is more important to shift your energies, as the world’s energies will shift, as needed, in the process.

With some of my own personal experiences lately, I have learned to trust myself to do the best in any given situation, and if my best in some cases seems not “good enough” (notice good enough) that’s okay because it’s all a part of the experience and growth of the soul. As long as I know I’m moving in the direction to lighten my soul that is all that matters, and being kind to myself along the way is the most powerful gift I can give myself.

I listen to a radio program called “Coast to Coast” (a link may be found in the sidebar), and am often enlightened about the information I receive. A gentleman named Dr. Lester Carter, once said, “It’s okay for me to be just who and what I am. Sometimes you’ll find when you’re around me, that I’m feeling good. Sometimes I’m not. Sometimes I make wise decisions. Sometimes I don’t. If you call my hand on it, so be it. Let’s just talk about it.”

And that is what this site is about: talking and sharing about the topics at hand that come along in life, in addition to nurturing spirituality and the soul. It’s about allowing each individual person to be who they really are, and not who someone else thinks they should be.

Dr. Lester Carter also mentioned that if a person has a gift, it’s not right to hold it back. This is why I felt the need to create this site. So my gift to you, to the world, and to myself, is to allow you to be as authentic as possible and to never have to apologize for being yourself.  All things are part of the greater good – our experiences. If we don’t have these glorious experiences we will never learn and grow. It’s about waking up to who we are. Authenticity! This is what enlightenment truly is! Knowing your I AM.

Today, I promise to myself to awaken to my authenticity.

I AM that I AM.

You may at times like the things you read on my site, and at other times you may not. That is just fine, because the most important thing is that I am honest with myself, and therefore, honest with you.

We all have our own perceptions and perspectives, and this doesn’t make for right or wrong. It just allows us to be who we are, and again, there’s no need to apologize. This site was created for you to learn to be your own creator, and to feel your own empowerment as you experience and create your own enlightenment. This site is here for you to construct a safe space to come to, in order to help you enlighten your soul. This site serves as a cyber coffee shop, or a quiet garden if you prefer, where you can come and take a load off of life and just be yourself.

I plan on writing about all sorts of topics relating to lightening up. That is why my loving guides asked me to name this site: Soul Enlightenment (a catchy but oh-so-true title). So please enjoy what we have to offer. I invite you to acknowledge your first gift, and that is to always remember that life is about love, and that love is about never having to say you’re sorry for being who you are. After all, life is about what and how we are all meant to be. Life is about EXPERIENCE, and now it’s time to live it—with joy!




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