The Light Within…

Posted by Margi on Jun 30, 2010


We’re going through a time of massive energies exploding in all different directions. For many of us, it’s a never-ending awareness of this current restructuring.

While I realize that I am the creator of my world, what can I do to keep from losing my own mind, as well as assist others in not losing theirs? I turned to my guides and explained that I have so many people coming at me from many unique situations. As I thought of these things, I let out a breath and rested my head on my couch. And there, right in front of me was the answer: look for the light within. Afterward, to my amusement, I noticed the light that shines above my entertainment center. It was given to me with love. It’s a salt rock light that shines every night to bring me peace and clearing. It warms my heart with luminescence, and I adore it!

Sometimes I have to put things into perspective and chuckle about the turmoil we put ourselves through. We get so wrapped up in our daily lives, and the rush of it, that we forget that all the answers we ever need in any given moment are not in front of us, but within us. (That’s not to say that some signs aren’t right in front of us—we just need to be willing to open our hearts and eyes to see.)

I invite you to take a moment to connect and ask yourself any question that you might have about an issue, an unresolved situation or simply just an inquiry. Close your eyes and go within to that place of peace and harmony. Breathe deeply and trust the feeling, knowing, insight and warmth that radiates YOUR inner truth and wisdom.

We are clearly in a time of great change and shift. But, it is a shift of light and love if you are willing to see (wink wink). Signs are everywhere. When you notice these heavenly guideposts and reminders, it’s time to live. Grounding yourself in life and seeing the beauty—even in chaos—is anything from a wake up call to a gentle tap on the shoulder. Please enjoy the ride. And remember, it’s about the journey not the destination. 

 Happy trails sweet Earth Angels.

You are our light!  Shine brightly!