Margi Lantos:


                   A spiritual being on this Earth plane…                                                 experiencing itself through human form!

I work as an intuitive consultant connecting with spiritual guides, deceased loved ones and the soul’s archives – the akashic records. I love to travel offering empowering and soul awakening events and workshops. I feel I have a responsibility to share spiritually channeled wisdom to help each individual empower their lives, grow to an awakened awareness and live a more enlightened life.

I am one of my best students – constantly learning, growing and experiencing some of the most difficult, emotional and spiritual lessons in life. I am constantly amazed at the channeled information and how it helps a person as well as myself understand why we are experiencing this human life, what we’re here to learn and gain about these experiences and what we’re to do with that information thereafter.

I truly enjoy this line of work. I decided through this work to relay much of the invaluable knowledge I receive to those interested in attaining a higher consciousness.

We are all on this journey of enlightenment and I wish all of you much peace and harmony along the way!

Namaste ~