Sacred SELF

Posted by Margi on Jul 29, 2010


What does sacred mean to you? Does it mean nurturing yourself? Taking a break from time to time? Treating your body well? Caring for your mental health? Or perhaps taking time to reflect on inner peace? To me, sacred means all of these things and more. But where do we find it?

Once a year, I take a short break from my work to gift myself some time to recoup from day-to-day shifts. This year I am in Bend, Oregon cat-sitting, which I love. As each day unwinds, I find myself coming back to life, which is ironic, as I came here to take a break from life. But is there really such a thing as a break from life? Are we not life itself?

As I look out into the valley of tranquility—the vastness of the desert and trees that surround me—I feel invigorated. And it’s because I’m reconnecting with my sacredness and enriching my body, mind, and soul, all at once.

What a great gift for the spirit!

I believe that we all need to remember to respect ourselves – our “SELF” – on a daily basis, as well as within each step we take in life. How easily we forget what we need most: the sacredness of nurturing our inner beings and reviving the harmony that we crave. As I care for this cat, I am aware of the joy it’s bringing me and that she is actually nurturing me. I chuckle at the warmth she gives me as her head quickly turns at each bug that flies by her, teasing her in the moment. She is living the moment. She is in her own sacredness. She’s living life! And she doesn’t think twice about it—she’s just enjoying it.

When was the last time you took time to connect with your sacredness? I invite you to gift yourself, even for just a moment, to observe something sacred in your world. When possible, maintain this action wherever you are and wherever you go. It’s the best gift you can give yourself!

Live, love and laugh.

Life can be and is good! No matter what!