Happy New Year & New Beginnings

Posted by Margi on Jan 24, 2013


If you are reading this then you made it through the previous year. Congratulations! It was quite a roller coaster ride but one that came with some strong but wonderful experiences. I hope that you were able to feel the light that came out of the darkness. I can speak from my own experience that what I lived and breathed to get to this year was one the empowered my soul at great lengths. I am however quite happy to be in this New Era. I have definitely felt the warmth and peace of the new energies.

This year, this New Era is about manifesting! We have arrived! The energies have shifted and it’s time to live the life of our desires. Be it joy, love, prosperity, inner wealth, or simply to reveal in our beauty. The Universe is open to what dreams may come! Ask, and you shall receive. This is OUR year. This is a New Beginning unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. This year is about HOPE, TRUST, FAITH and knowing all is well, no matter what. It’s about Spirit guiding us and trusting this energy, through any avenue. It’s time to fully see our light and live it. There are wonderful energies waiting for us; it’s simply about the choosing. What do you choose for yourself?

This is the year to CREATE! Use your creativity along with your heart and bring a new re-birthing. It’s phoenix rising from the ashes and re-creating. The Universe is changing and shifting at remarkable ways, are you willing to show up for it? And how? What will you do with the energies? Dream, live and love!

Relax and BE Still~

For nothing is standing in the way of who you are. Be Free and Fly~

OM Divine…A Sacred Meditation

Posted by Margi on Oct 26, 2012

Have you felt like you’re living in the twilight zone lately?

The energies sure have sped up and life feels quite  indifferent this past month. It’s all good however, the guides say. Meditation has become a common factor amongst the guides advice. Therefore, I’ve created a short 7 minute OM connection to help ease the tension or frustrations of our world zooming by.

Enjoy the sacred images or simply close your eyes and drift with the sound.



video created by Margi Lantos – music/images copyright 2012

Nature Walk for Serenity

Posted by Margi on Sep 26, 2012

I invite you to take a nature walk for serenity.

This seven minute video will bring you a sense of peace out of your busy, overwhelming or simply “take a breather” part of your day.


 Nature walk for serenity


video created by Margi Lantos – music/images copyright 2012

A Visual Meditation…Peace

Posted by Margi on Aug 29, 2012

A Northern California Journey…Enjoy!


There is beauty, in all journeys…


Relax, there’s no rush…


Light will always shine through…

shining light

The distance… if you choose, can always look spectacular!


Magnificent!   -  Tall Redwoods


Mysterious accomplishments…


Eventually, the clarity will show…


Your ship will find the shore…

ship ashore

Cross life’s bridges with grace…


Creating balance is one of life’s vital ingredient…


Reach for the highest peak…

top o world

Life’s door will always be open…

open door

Home is what you create it…

home sweet home

Beauty is how you look at it…


Majestic mystery…


 ~ Peace ~


A New Light…

Posted by Margi on Sep 26, 2011

pdx blog


Have you been feeling the wave? We’re on it. Ride smooth…

Keep your awareness high

Pay attention to your needs

Listen to your inner “KNOWING”

Thread lightly and allow yourself some R&R

Bring lightness into your energy field

Keep your mind clear

Observe your world

Move with grace and be kind to your space

Be at ease

PEACE is within you



Remember the light…

Posted by Margi on Mar 26, 2011



Our world is encompassing a great rebirth. Many of us are noticing sensational affects taking place all around us, as well as in our personal lives and in the lives of others. Like a roller coaster the world is experiencing its greatest ride, here to teach us to trust the process and live in the joy of it.

When I asked my guides about this great shift, first and foremost, they mentioned that the choices we make in regards to how we handle this change is ours and ours alone. This is the gift of our Creator: to allow us to create. Choices come through as feelings, thoughts, dreams and inspirations, and through self-exploration and engagements with others. This planet is about our experiences of life, and we have many of them. Through my highs and lows, my guides repeatedly remind me to remember to stay in the light, no matter what.

Often, in the face of turmoil, anxieties and energies run on overdrive. But it’s vitally important to stay focused on our lightness. The true meaning of why we are here is to see how well we remember this most significant aspect of our souls. Yes, we may have moments when we forget and get caught up in our upheavals, but that is part of the lesson, of which the purpose to help us “lesson” the illusion of heaviness. We gift ourselves the heaviness through thoughts and feelings to help us see our own light and love and how incredibly creative we are. And our soul’s true beauty radiates through how we react or don’t react to our experiences.

When we tap into our truth, our spirit always shines through bringing lightness to any situation, great or small. We just have to remember to lighten up and trust our inner guidance system to navigate. Start by taking a deep breath…then send light from your heart to the world and allow it to radiate back to you with peace, harmony and a greater sense of knowing that all is well no matter what. All is well, and divinely aligned. When you begin to lose focus, catch yourself and whisper, “All is well.”

Lightness and Love to All!



Tree with light photo provided by dan: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=587

Memories…that warm the Soul

Posted by Margi on May 29, 2010


Special memories that warm the soul…ah, it’s like a nice cup of hot cocoa on a rainy day. Take a moment out of your busy day to reflect on a time when your soul lit up with joy. It’s important to remember where you came from…it’s what made you. A silly child’s smile, laughter with a sibling, a hug from a mom, a surprise birthday party from a friend, camping trip’s with family. Think back to a moment that brought you great joy or empowerment. What do you remember about what you learned, what you experienced, what you felt?

In this moment now as you reflect on those feelings, be aware of the true essence of spirit moving through you. You are who you are because of the memories you have created and utilized to become. This is why memories are so important. I invite you to rest a smile on your face and warmth in your soul – you are alive! You are free to be who you are, a bright shining star, special in every way. You make the world go round’. Smile, the universe has just taken a picture! 

Happy Memorial Weekend Sweet Angels! 


Just Be…

Posted by Margi on Apr 29, 2010


It’s the end of the month and I feel a gentle nudge from my guides who wish to share a message with us once again. Currently, I am overwhelmed, tired from working on the road, and somewhat stressed and tense from life’s events. I’m home now and I feel the push to work on a new message from my guides. Quietly I ask and patiently I listen. Without hesitation, this is what I hear: JUST BE. So I take in a deep breath and release and begin to feel the stress of a busy life move through and out of me. I am left with peace. I sense rejuvenation and calm – stillness in the moment.

What an important message. The guides and angel beings are here to help our lives and create it to truly be simple this month. Take a moment out of your busy schedule and for a moment JUST BE. Invite the light of love in and be calm with yourself for a minute or two (you deserve this treat! Yes YOU!) Try this on a daily basis, I promise that there is so much to gain – the continuous journey and re-connection of LIFE. Your life balanced – in joy. Enjoy!



Posted by Margi on Feb 23, 2010

bench break

So here I am another month gone by. How on earth is it already February? It’s time to write my next blog, and I would like to give a simple message. So I ask my guides what message they would like for me to gift. I receive no answer so I ask again. Still no answer. Hmm, could they be sleeping? No, they don’t sleep in their dimension. I know they’re out there so again I ask what I should deliver. Nothing comes back. I take in a deep breath to relieve my stress. My body relaxes as I take another breath, only slower this time. I’m still waiting for a message, yet I become much more relaxed as I wait. With another breath, I am feeling peaceful, and in the quietness I hear: breathe…breathe. I know. That’s what I’ve been doing. So what’s up? What do you want me to write about? Breathe, I hear again. Oh! I get it! You would like me to remind people that we need to take breaks and remember how important it is for us to breathe—and to do this with awareness and recognition!

Breathing helps us reflect and to stay in the moment. Distress and angst keep us from being aware. But breathing is a simple spiritual prescription. It’s our major sustenance in life…breathing! So remember, on a day-to-day basis, how important it is to be aware of your breath. Focus on taking deep breaths and being in the moment, which is now. Relax. It’s all God (good).